HackMaster: Experiment in Cooperative World Building

The Story so Far

The Story so Far

The PCs first met at the Broken Claw tavern in Fairhaven. They’ve gathered there to take a stab at retrieving the dragons’ treasure. While chance brought them together, perhaps shared adversity will make them a team.

They made their arrangements and rested up for the night before heading to the mine the next morning. The trip was uneventful though the terrain was pleasant.

Upon entering the mine the party finds that the corridors are lined with the same light stones that comprise the entryway. The stones are Dwarven constructs that make it seem like daylight for those with infravision and like dusk for those without.

Our intrepid adventurers pass by the first cross path and head deeper into the mine. They eventually come to a point where the path turns sharply left but there is a door to the right. Behind the door is the remains of what was once the miners’ barracks.

Inside the barracks, the party stumbles upon a Morlog scouting party which is easily dispatched. Other than a gnomish crossbow which the gnomeling thief claims, the only items of value to be found in the room are 2000 silver and copper coins.


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