HackMaster at Hillside Games

The Setting

The city of Fairhaven started out as a dwarven mining town but its prime location on the eastern border of an as yet unamed country helped it grow into the well-known metropolis it is now. The nearby river made it easy for the dwarves to ship out their lumber and gems and bring in food, clothing, and settlers.

Two hours east of Fairhaven lies the remains of the lonely mountain containing the mine. The mountain stands about 6000 ft high.

The mine entrance is sturdy looking bit of dwarven engineering. It is wide enough for sixhumans to enter walking abreast and two man-heights high. The entrance is constructed of a light-gray stone that gives off a slight glow providing barely adequate light to the interior.

Rumors have spread far and wide of the dragons that once claimed the mine as their own. The dragons suddenly vanished several years but so far no one who has entered the mine to investigate or to reclaim the dragons’ treasure has returned.

The rest of the world will be created by the players and I as we go along.

The Cast

Anya (Lura): Half-Elf (f) Charlatan

Eoin (Deklan): Wood Elf (m) Ranger/Ultimate Archer

Fatalis Truesight (John): Human (m) Double Specialist Diviner/Mystic

Kimino (Alex): Neko (m) Acrobat/Swashbuckler

Maren’kar (Peter): Half-Ogre (m) Knight-Errant

RiCE (Hill): Neko (m) Ranger/Cleri

Tevdran (Richard): Wood Elf (m) Druid

? (Mary): Gnomeling (f) Thief/Illusionist

HackMaster: Experiment in Cooperative World Building

luraj Hiru